Water & Wastewater Infrastructure

Water & Wastewater Infrastructure

Water & Wastewater Infrastructure has been fundamental to our origins and ultimately our growth over the last 40 years delivering specialist engineering solutions.  We work in collaboration with our clients in both the public and private sectors to provide the resilient infrastructure needed to enhance local communities and the natural environment, improving people’s quality of life. Innovative management practices, sustainable creative solutions and collaboration ensures we meet our client’s needs.

We’d like to personally thank Seymour Civil Engineering. The team have worked extremely hard to complete each site and have gone above and beyond expectations when extra work has been unexpectedly required. We’d also like to thank Seymour for providing an extra contractor, as part of their voluntary scheme. This enabled us to carry out extra work which we wouldn’t have been able to complete otherwise. We look forward to working with you all again soon.

Wakefield District Council

Wastewater Sewers

Seymour provides expertise to Wastewater Sewers installing foul drainage and associated works across the North East and Yorkshire, including repair and maintenance of sewerage networks. We have undertaken several works for a number of water authorities including minor works, reactive and programmed sewer cleansing, CCTV services, blockage clearance, root cutting, dig down repairs, rising main repairs, reactive patch repairs, reactive lining, mapping, 

consequential damage, backfill, reactive sewer mapping, minor building over sewer diversions and reinstatement works. Our fully trained, dedicated team have undertaken repairs, backfill and reinstatements in all environments from urban to rural with approximately 90km of wastewater network cleaned and maintained per annum.

Potable Water Mains

From local authorities to large industrial scale projects across the North East and Yorkshire, Seymour have delivered multiple potable water mains works which include the installations of water mains, inclusive valves, flow metres and associated chambers, excavating, replacing and replacing existing pipework, flushing watermain pipelines, constructing box chambers and 

installation of top tees. When dealing with potable water we always consider acting responsively to minimise disruption to our end consumer. Our experienced practices ensure managing segregation and isolation of potable water systems is integral to our delivery process.

Trenchless Working

We utilise several methods of trenchless construction solutions to install new pipeline infrastructure whether this be for renewal methods that facilitate existing utilities or the introduction to new pipeline infrastructure. This includes micro tunnelling for a wide variety of pipe diameters, pipe jacking, and auger boring, often in high-risk environments and contributes to enabling 

minimal disruption and often offering safer construction solutions. Seymour have completed multiple award-winning high-profile projects across the North East and Yorkshire where trenchless solutions have been formed collaboratively with our clients.

Shafts, Tanks & Pumping Stations

Seymour brings expert knowledge and experience to our client’s projects’ bringing water expertise, having worked for a number of water authorities over the last four AMP periods and beyond. We have supplied and installed water storage tanks, small plinth to store pump equipment, installation of chemical spillage tanks, installation of attenuation tank utilising a crate system, 

replaced existing faulty septic tanks and installation of drainage and pipework and extensions for tanks. We work collaboratively with our client and through early contractor involvement are able to provide advice on best solution and best value along with deliverability.

Repair & Maintenance

Seymour is uniquely placed with a dedicated minor works team. We have undertaken works on sites that provide expertise in delivering repair and maintenance work with strict ecological considerations. Works include water main repair, small patch liner repairs, interceptor tank repairs and servicing, 

drainage repair. As framework providers for local authority and water authority, our business model enables us to deliver high volume, small scale projects as well as smaller individual projects.

Flood Alleviation

Having delivered flood alleviation projects with complex needs, we are testament to our successful approach with multi-award winning projects. Key projects have included Flood Alleviation Schemes resulting in the protection of homes against flooding on behalf of Northumbrian Water, the Environmental Agency and Newcastle City Council. Works we have carried out include demolition of flood defence structures and small buildings, installation of 

reinforced concrete, brick faced flood defence walls, installation of storage water tanks, nature based solutions including construction of new ponds, constructing diversions of surface water outfalls, installing new box culvert cast in situ as flood mitigation measures, construction of drainage slots and manholes to store excessive water and other flood management measures.

Reservoir Safety & Maintenance

Seymour understands the importance of regeneration and protection of reservoirs across the North East and Yorkshire and most recently we have supported Yorkshire Water through their Reservoir Safety and Maintenance programme. We understand the imperative nature of managing the risk of an uncontrolled release of the contents of a reservoir including the safety

implications this can bring. We have experience in demolition and replacing existing reservoir structures, constructing and maintaining manhole chambers as well as maintaining the integrity of the wider area whilst ensuring the preservation of the local ecosystem.


Utilising the latest innovations, Seymour have worked to bring sustainable solutions to water treatment needs across the Northeast and Yorkshire. We understand the importance of supplying, managing and maintaining clean water and sewerage/wastewater services ensuring segregation at all times. 

Our operations have included working with partners and our supply chain to deliver safe, environmentally compliant wastewater treatment systems and sewage treatment plant operations.

Nature Based Solutions

From Nature Based Solution ponds in rural settings to tree pits in urban settings, Seymour has been at the forefront of innovative practice for sustainable drainage system solutions for communities across the North East and Yorkshire. Seymour deliver water management practices, aligning 

drainage systems which utilise natural water collection processes contributing to green infrastructure.  We prioritise the use natural water cycle solutions to help mitigate carbon impact and seek where possible to have a positive biodiverse lasting legacy.