Carbon Reduction Policy Statement

Carbon footprint policy statement

It is the stated policy of Seymour Civil Engineering Contractors Limited to reduce its environmental impact where practicable.

Carbon reducing measures form an integral part of the overall company strategy, helping us to improve both operational performance and a reduction in potentially harmful emissions to land, air and water.

The company’s ultimate aim is to achieve net zero status by 2040 or before where practical.

To hep achieve this, the company will:

  • Ensure adherence to any current energy legislation, seeking to meet or better legislative targets.
  • Minimise waste, promote recycling and the use of recycled products to help reduce the burden on landfill, and the corresponding methane generation.
  • Promote environmental awareness and responsibility amongst employees and seek where practicable to continuously improve company environmental performance.
  • Ensure that digital conferencing facilities are available and used where practical to avoid the need for business travel.
  • Continually review and develop the company’s occupational driving policy.


Current actions include:

  • Electric vehicles available to all employees through a salary sacrifice scheme.
  • Electric vehicle charging points at key business locations.
  • 100% of energy purchased for offices and depots from a ‘green tariff’.
  • Target of 95% of all eligible waste to be diverted from landfill.
  • Mandatory monthly monitoring and assessment of carbon usage (scopes 1 & 2)
  • Vehicle sharing and mileage reduction planning.
  • The use of reduced carbon fuel alternatives where practical.


This Carbon Footprint Policy Statement underpins the existing environmental, procurement, waste management, quality assurance, health & safety, and corporate responsibility policies already implemented within the company.

Carbon footprint policy

Seymour Civil Engineering Contractors Limited recognises that our work may have a direct or indirect effect on the local environment. We are therefore committed to reducing any harm that this may cause. As a company we constantly review ways in which we can improve our green credentials to achieve our statement promises and to link with other likeminded organisations. Our carbon reduction strategy is aligned with our company environmental policy and company sustainability policy and current codes of practice on waste and environment protection.

We will focus on:

  • Reduction of carbon emissions from fuel usage;
  • Diversion of eligible waste from landfill;
  • The use of renewable energy to power transient sites;
  • Use of green tariff energy; and
  • Sustainable procurement of materials


As our “Green” culture becomes established and embedded we aim to:

  • Encourage our employees and suppliers to be aware of carbon and consider this information when identifying materials;
  • Utilise energies and water sparingly;
  • Consider environmental impacts in our purchasing;
  • Endeavour to work with partnering organisations that share our ethos on “carbon reduction”; and
  • Where possible reduce the need for transport and its impacts on the environment.


It is our intention to operate our business in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way as possible to enable the needs of current and future generations.

What we intend to do for the future:

  • We intend to further develop our understanding of embodied carbon in the products that we use;
  • When tendering for work, always offer lower carbon alternatives to our clients;
  • Where possible we will source our materials from suppliers who operate in an environmentally friendly manner and who are geologically local to us to reduce road traffic, road traffic costs and carbon emissions;
  • Transition 80% of our company fleet to carbon neutral by 2030; and
  • Transition all company vans to electric vehicles within two fleet renewal cycles.


This policy is to be reviewed in April 2024, but Seymour will continually endeavour to implement ways to reduce our carbon.


Last Reviewed: April 2023