Apprenticeships are the cornerstone of a thriving construction industry, bridging the gap between tradition and innovation.

By investing in the next generation, we not only address the pressing skills shortage but also lay a sturdy foundation for a prosperous future.

Why choose Apprenticeships?

The benefits of apprenticeships extend far beyond individual growth, apprenticeships offer a supportive learning environment, with mentors and supervisors providing guidance and feedback every step of the way.

At Seymour, we prioritise talent development, blending invaluable practical experience with academic knowledge, ensuring our apprentices are equipped to build careers that stand the test of time.

Apprenticeships offer a pathway to success for individuals wanting to enter the workforce or advance their careers, while also providing our industry with a skilled and motivated workforce to meet the constantly changing needs of construction.

Our recruitment cycle typically begins towards the end of the academic year, however this can vary. All apprenticeship opportunities can be found through our careers page and within the Government website, where all apprenticeship opportunities are published.

Why choose Seymour?

We pride ourselves on offering excellent opportunities for personal development. As well as providing a competitive salary, you could receive a vast range of benefits.

We are members of the 5% Club

As a member of The 5% Club, we are committed to ensuring that at least 5% of our workforce are either apprentices, on company sponsored student programmes or company graduate programmes.

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Seymour offer a diverse range of career opportunities. If you would be interested in a career with us, please get in touch. Click here to see all current vacancies.

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