Skills Academy

Passionate about bridging the skills gap.

Investing heavily in the skills of our workforce and industry, Seymour’s multi award winning Skills Academy delivers a portfolio of construction safety and plant operative training whilst promoting exceptional social value.

Skills Academy

Our dedicated Seymour Skills Academy delivers in-house training on an 11 acre simulated construction site. We offer training services to our peers within the industry to ensure award winning training contributes to bridging the skills gap. 

Working in partnership with local higher education establishments and employment agencies, we provide training and experience for hard to reach and unemployed groups, leading to many finding local employment opportunities within the Civil Engineering and Construction Industry.  

As a people business, Seymour is an inclusive employer and believes in nurturing our people, allowing them to achieve their full potential. Our values and company ethos are fundamental to how we work as an employer and underpin extensive people development training initiatives. Investing in people is why Seymour Skills Academy is fundamental to the delivery of everything we do. We are immensely proud of how they champion a sense of pride for our work and our communities, ultimately improving our industry image.

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