Jordan Tomlinson

Jordan has had a brilliant journey with Seymour so far, due to living out of the Tees Valley area Jordan could not access the funding for the Gateway to Construction Course however we saw great potential in him so decided to pay for his tuition.

What were you doing previously before undertaking the Gateway to Construction Training Programme?

“Prior to starting my training at Seymour Skills Academy, I was working as a labourer within the housing industry.”

What led you to start the training programme?

“Having attended a training course at Hartlepool FE College, I was made aware of Seymour training academy and the Gateway to Construction Training Program. I saw this as a way of improving my knowledge and gaining experience.”

How did you find the training, what parts did you enjoy the most?

“I found the training enjoyable and very informative, some of the training such as street works was quite intense and tested my ability and knowledge.

I enjoyed every part of my experience whilst at the academy and would advise the service to anyone wanting to improve themselves and get into the construction industry.”

What have you been doing since completing the programme?

“I have worked on multiple projects, the first being Seaham Public Realm where we extended an existing carpark, laid kerbs, removal and relaying block paving.

From there I went onto work at Durham Bus Station, where I was breaking down pile to cap level, excavated trench foundations, installed pecker fill once steel reinforcing had been installed and poured concrete foundations to given levels.

The HS2 Strabag project followed this, where I carried out a whole range of tasks, using the dumper to transport stone and materials to given areas, levelling and compacting stone and carrying out removal and replacement of reinforced concrete floors.

I am now back at Durham Bus Station to see the completion of the project.”

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