Port of Tyne Potable Water, North East


Contract length


We undertook a number of potable water projects for Port of Tyne ranging in duration and value. Examples include the installation of 200m of 180mm diameter MDPE water main, inclusive of valves, flow meter and associated chambers. The old pipeline had become fragile and suffered breakages prompting its replacement. The new pipeline was installed via open trench and tested to 10bar, chlorinated, flushed, the water sample and sent to a lab in Hexham to be tested before the pipeline could be connected back to the system for use. 

Another project required the replacement of the existing valves that weren’t functioning and closing as they should be due to age. Three valves were replaced and required the shutting down and draining of the pipeline. The old valves were cut out and replaced with new using VJ couplings which were tightened, and the water turned back on. The pipeline was flushed to clean the line and to test the valves. A box chamber was rebuilt, and the lids reset. 

Emergency repairs were also undertaken on a strategic watermain which supplied two thirds of the Port of Tyne including main office. Excavations were undertaken to investigate the issue and it was identified that the top tee had failed. A new top tee was installed and diverted the 32mm pipe into the connecting offices and the old top tee fitted with a clamp and rubber seal which was capable of accommodating pressures of up to 10-bar. 

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