Brunton Park Flood Alleviation, Gosforth


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This multi-award-winning flood alleviation project was designed to protect 100 homes from flooding and resulted in their removal from the DG5 register ahead of regulatory deadlines. A 380m long section of new river channel required bulk earthworks to enable its construction parallel to the existing, allowing surface water to discharge directly into the old river channel. The water network was also upsized in several areas with various techniques utilised including dig down, open trench and tunnelling. More than 2km of pipework and 120m of 1800mm diameter storage tunnel was installed. A 5,500m3 surface water storage basing and a pre-cast storage tank and pump were constructed and existing kiosks and pumping station refurbished. During earthworks existing surface and buried relic structures were removed and materials stockpiled for re-use. The 450m long earth flood embankment re-used some of the materials reducing the need for disposal. In addition a 300m reinforced concrete, brick faced flood defence wall was constructed and access to the site gained through the erection of a temporary bridge. Extensive landscaping was undertaken and 0.5 hectare of water dependent habitat created to improve biodiversity. Brunton Park also provides residents with a green outdoor space with new footpaths a children’s play area. The project is also an excellent example of partnership working, employing innovation in design, communication and collaboration to deliver a sustainable project the delivers multiple benefits to stakeholders.

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