Town Wall, Hartlepool


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The 14th Century Town Wall is a Scheduled and Grade II listed structure and a coastal defence protection for 230 properties from flooding and 12 properties from coastal erosion. The wall increasingly being overtopped and was at risk of failure.

We were appointed to reinstate and rebuild three 40m long insitu concrete groyne structures and 180m of insitu concrete toe protection to the wall structure. To address the issue of overtopping a new set back wall with box culvert was constructed to drain the overtopped water. The between the Town Wall and new set back wall has been utilised as a pedestrian footpath. During time of flood risk, flood gates at either end are close to provide adequate storage. Historic fill was excavated by archaeologist and used to clad the new reinforced concrete wall to ensure it remained in keeping with the original wall. The culvert has been designed with capacity for a 1:100 year scenario, vastly reducing flood risk.

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