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Trunk Mains Cleaning - Clean Water Rehabilitation


Working as a trunk mains cleaning framework contractor for Northumbrian Water Limited, Seymour Civil Engineering employ a number of cleaning methods enabling us to clean a range of pipeline materials and diameters ranging from 8” (200mm) up to 48” (1,200mm)

Our typical methods of cleaning include swabbing, pigging and specialist high pressure jetting.

The equipment we use for pressure spraying continuously collects the water used for cleaning for recycling and re-use. Clean water is delivered to site on a specially designed support vehicle, which also removes the dirty water and residue for safe disposal.

Due to the simplicity of the of the system, the access pits and the working areas required for the cleaning system are significantly smaller than conventional pressure spray cleaning systems resulting in reduced time for temporary works, reduced environmental impact and overall – greater efficiency. The system is capable of cleaning lengths of up to 1,000m – requiring fewer excavations and pipeline interventions.

Seymours have also invested in a spray chlorination system to further enhance the rehabilitation services we provide.

Post-cleaning tests have shown the system to exceed the Drinking Water Inspectorate’s specified cleaning standards.

Combining our cleaning services with Seymour’s civil engineering expertise, we offer a complete cleaning and rehabilitation service for our clients.

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