Seymour site manager included in The Rising Stars of STEM North East round up

Name: Victoria Greenwell

Age: 32

Job Title: Site Manager at Seymour Civil Engineering


  • What are your key responsibilities within your role as a site manager?

My main responsibility is ensuring all works are completed to the highest standard and that they’re in line with the relevant specifications and construction drawings. This involves a lot but in short, I am responsible for the completion of work, the management of personnel on site, ensuring health and safety measures are implemented to minimise risk, all whilst delivering schemes on time, on budget and to the satisfaction of our clients. No pressure!


  • What attracted you to a career in STEM?

Construction is in my blood for sure. My father owned a local construction company and I spent a lot of time on site with him growing up.

Initially I went to study for a degree in sports science at Northumbria University. I completed two years of the sport course but I didn’t feel satisfied in what I was doing, so I swapped to a BSc Hons degree in Construction Management. There seemed to be so many more opportunities within construction, with an abundance of projects happening that would be really exciting to work on. Plus, nobody else I knew seemed to be interested in it, and it’s always nice to be doing something different to everyone.

For the courses I required a year in industry, I secured a position as a site engineer with Byzak Engineering. This was my first step in to civil engineering and I’ve never looked back working my way up the ladder to Site Manager.


  • What are your main career achievements to date?

I’ve been working for Seymour Civil Engineering for three and a half years and I’ve had the opportunity to work on a wealth of different projects across the North East.

My biggest career achievement has to be the work I’m currently managing on the A19/A1058 improvement scheme. The project is to undertake the drainage kerb package on the £75m upgrade of the Silverlink junction in North Tyneside, for Sisk Lagan who are constructing a triple decker roundabout, which will dramatically reduce the queuing time of people travelling along the A19 at peak times. Our works on this site led to Seymour being crowned ‘Supply Chain Partner of the Year Civils UK’ at the recent John Sisk and Sons Supply Chain awards.

Working on projects that are going to have a positive impact on society and the economy is really fulfilling –  on project completion when I step back and look at what my team has achieved, the sense of pride is immense.


  • Looking ahead what are your ambitions for your STEM career?

The next step for me is to become a project manager within the next few years.

I’m pregnant at the moment, and will be going on maternity leave in the summer, but becoming a mother hasn’t changed my ambitious career plans.

I’m very driven because I’m in a career that I love and want to excel in. Plenty of senior women in the industry are mothers and I plan to join them.


  • What’s your message to youngsters who might be considering a STEM career?

Be confident, ask plenty of questions, don’t be afraid to admit when you’re unsure and need help, and work really hard.

People will always try to get ahead in life by putting you down, but that’s the same in every industry. Just keep going and always believe in your own ability.


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