Clayton West, Project Update

Team Seymour are working on Clayton West STW for Eric Wight Water LTD on behalf of Yorkshire Water, showcasing the successful enterprise model of P4Y as Yorkshire Water framework providers. With completion in sight, we thought it would be a great time to provide an update of the works completed.

We were appointed to undertake the construction of the new foul water drainage system, ducting and draw pit system and chemical dosing ducting for the new Ferric and Sodium Hydroxide dosing system. This consists of the construction of 3 No. new foul water drainage manholes and associated pipework inclusive of connections into the existing system. As well as the construction of a new HYPO delivery area Blink Tank.

So far, the team on site have installed:
Reinforced concrete chemical tank bund.
Reinforced concrete foundation for dosing kiosks and tanks.
Completed construction of concrete access footpaths.
Completed Installation of remaining drainage and ducting associated with the chemical dosing area.
Completed Construction of reinforced concrete delivery bay and speed hump.
Completed Installation of new kerb lines.
Completed Installation of new 32mm water main.

Great progress, well done Team Seymour.

Special thanks to, our very own, Rhys Holmes for these stunning pictures, capturing the works on site!

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