The Waterfront, Hartlepool


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Expertise gained from previous works on Hartlepool Town Wall and the Church Street and Church Square regenerations were put into practice for this public realm scheme which is part of a long-term plan for the regeneration of Hartlepool Waterfront and the derelict Jacksons Landing site.  The area was remodelled, and hard and soft landscaping completed installing over 1000m of Country kerbs and 2900m2 of granite paving, 1100m2 of soft landscaping and new bespoke street lighting, raised planters and the installation of 35 concrete benches with timber seating. Repairs were undertaken to the existing coastal fencing and the memorial stones lifted, cleaned and re-set. All of the materials including planting used for the project were carefully considered to ensure they provided the desired aesthetic while being capable of withstanding marine environment conditions. The project provides an area where views of the marina can be enjoyed by visitors and the local community.

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