Plastic Recycling Facility, Middlesbrough


Contract length


A plastic recycling facility has been developed at the Port of Middlesbrough for WasteKnot. We undertook the breaking out and removal of the foundations remaining from the previous building and completed excavations forming the 7400m2 footprint for the new building. 16m long piles were installed for the chimney stack foundations and excavation undertaken to created internal pts, ducts and plant bases including fixing reinforcement and casting of concrete. The ground floor slab was constructed using air and trained concrete and tanking installed to the pits to prevent the leaching of plastic into the ground. To address the height difference on the site a legato interlocking block wall was constructed and was done so in small sections to prevent instability in the working area. With several other contractors working on the site at the same time, collaboration and coordination was key to the successful completion of the project.

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