N&P Subcoal, Teesside


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A fire deluge system as installed that was capable of tackling fires within this large plant that converts wastepaper, cardboard and plastic into a high-grade alternative fuel called subcoal. Our works involved earthworks to the existing lagoon to increase its capacity to 2500 litres and install a new liner to prevent water leaching into the ground. 1000m of in-situ concrete upstand and ramps were constructed along with 40m of rigidrain pipe system and two new manholes. The existing manholes were waterproofed and waterproofing works undertaken to the internal wall of the factory. This ensured potentially polluted water was held within the building and directed into the correct chamber. A pumping station and chamber were installed to pump the water into the lagoon where it is pumped out into an off-site manhole for correct disposal. Concrete ramps were constructed to enclose water coming from the building and direct it away from the site of the factory and towards the new pumping station.

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