Church Street & Church Square, Hartlepool


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Public realm works were completed to Church Street and Church Square to create a newly regenerated pedestrianised and socialisation area. In Church Street the works focussed on making the street more open and widening the pavement along the south of the street to accommodate larger pedestrian numbers walking to and from Cleveland College of Art and Design while Church Square created a socialisation space with raised planters, bespoke street furniture, lighting, and feature paving. The existing surfaces were broken out and sites cleared. Over 10,000m2 of new paving was laid and 3700m2 of new carriageway and road widening completed to improve traffic flows. 400 m of drainage was installed, redundant facilities removed, and utility services diverted to accommodate the works. Engraved stone have been set into the pavement outside key buildings explaining their history and over 70 trees planted.

When working to Church Street, surveys showed multiple services at shallow depths, near historic buildings. Hand digging was undertaken at these areas, and it was discovered that for some buildings with cellars there were not enough steel beams and additional were required. The structural integrity of these buildings has been rectified and the buildings secured for the future.

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