Bulkhaul Container Yard Extension


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A new container yard of approximately 18,000m2 has been created for Bulkhaul. Earthworks were undertaken to clear the site and remediation completed. Roller dynamic compaction was used to achieve the required CBR level. A 1,500m3 concrete surface water attenuation tank, a 40m3 chemical spillage tank and all associated drainage were constructed. 2km of ducting and cabling was also installed for the 25m high mast lighting, 12m high mast lighting and CCTV around the site. The concrete slab is 200mm thick for general duty areas and increases to 425mm thick for areas that will receive heavy loads. Fibre reinforced concrete was used with steel mesh to withstand the prescribed loads for the different areas. To the eastern and southern boundaries retaining walls were constructed to manage the height difference between the different areas of the site. The 20m long and 2.5m high southern boundary retaining wall was constructed using in-situ concrete with cut and bent re-bar on top of a concrete foundation. The eastern boundary retaining wall is 70m in length, 800mm high and constructed using legato interlocking concrete blocks.

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