Brunton Park Flood Alleviation Scheme, Newcastle Upon Tyne


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This multi award winning flood alleviation project was designed to deliver bespoke solutions and protect over 100 homes against flooding and remove them from the DG5 register ahead of the regulatory deadline.  The works included the upsizing of over 2km of new surface and foul sewers and storage facilities within the Brunton Park estate. The River Ouseburn Watercourse was diverted, creating a SuDS attenuation area, providing storage for discharged surface water during storm events until the Ouseburn returned to normal levels. Additional bunding and flood wall works were put in place to provide increased protection to properties at risk of flooding. Environmental enhancements included the creation of 0.5 ha of water dependent habitat within the SuDS and new channel, enhancements to Lowland Heath to mitigate loss and the introduction of kingfisher tunnels, perches, and otter holts.

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