Bertschi UK Yard Extension


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The design and build works were undertaken to provide a 21,700m2, 1595 container capacity extension the existing storage yard at the Bertschi UK depot, Middlesbrough by refurbishing an existing container yard adjacent to the site. The condition of the site had deteriorated and required remedial works to bring it up to standard. The surface was broken out and the area excavated. Soil stabilisation was undertaken through the application of lime and cement to improve the ground and support the high imposed loads from the stacked container storage. A 220mm thick cement bound foundation was installed along with a 420mm roller compacted concrete layer. New underground surface water drainage and high cap fin drainage was installed and fed into the new 1500m3 attenuation basin. A gas diversion was facilitated by the construction of trenches and associated ducts as it had to be taken outside the boundary from its existing location through the centre of the site.

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