A689 Stockton Street, Hartlepool


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Public realm and highway realignment improvement works were completed to the A689 Stockton Street, a key route through Hartlepool with approximately 30,000 vehicles per day. Works included the introduction of a new pedestrian crossing and the installation of a new traffic signal-controlled access to the multi-storey car park.

1100m of ducting was installed along with 3000m of new paving and 500m of kerbing, new street lighting columns, new bespoke pedestrian fencing and the removal of the existing central reservation. The north bound and south bound slip-roads were removed and replaced with left turns at the junction traffic lights making it safer for pedestrians by removing the requirement to cross the slip roads and main carriageways. 

Designed to complement the Public Realm works Seymour completed on nearby enhancements to Church Street and Church Square, this modernised the aesthetic of the area whilst creating improved access for pedestrians and vehicles alike.

Our ‘One Team ’approach to Health and Safety had a strong focus on client needs and expectations, and a firm professional relationship was built as a result of our conscientious awareness of client aims. This led to an issue free project which completed within programme and budget.

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