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Seymour (Civil Engineering Contractors) Limited is a privately owned company formed in 1978, which has progressively developed and expanded its activities from its Hartlepool base to establish itself as one of the North East's leading civil engineering contractors. In 2007 the company was acquired by Renew Holdings plc which is the current parent company. Seymour is wholly owned subsidiary and is one of eight companies owned by the Renew Holdings plc. Each company within the group operates as a stand alone unit. The range of schemes undertaken by Seymour covers all aspects of land reclamation, port, harbour and sea defences, urban renewal, environmental improvements, highways, main drainage and development infrastructure.

Seymour works with the client to create the right atmosphere to develop a team, which will work together and deliver the project. We populate the team with personnel with the right personalities and abilities to be compatible with the client’s representatives and ensure that good working relationships develop.

The company has established a reputation for excellence and has received a number of awards in recognition of the quality of our workmanship, Health & Safety and our employee training and development programme.

Our Quality Safety Health and Environmental Management System is accredited under EN ISO 9001, EN ISO 14001 and EN ISO 45001. The very act of documenting the activities of the business has benefits as it highlights gaps and poor practices. We believe that our emphasis on total quality performance has made our operations extremely competitive by eliminating poor practice and wasted effort. The ethos of “quality management” is extended to the performance of individuals and their interactions with others. We work hard to get it right first time and give customers satisfaction and a quality service. This involves all of our people thinking about what they do and how they do it.

We take pride in our competitiveness and the quality of service provided to our clients and their customers. Our proven track record of delivering projects to time and budget with our flexibility ensures that we develop relationships with our clients to match their needs and aspirations


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