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A sample of some of the feedback we have received from clients and members of the public:

Abstract from Darlington Borough Council - College Ward Newsletter

Pierremont Flood Relief Scheme

This huge 2 million pound scheme is now complete, within budget and on time. Most residents, even those most affected for several months, have told us how considerate the contractors, Messrs. Seymours, were because excavation showed unsafe ground and unexpected challenges to the engineers. Our thanks to those of you who were patient under demanding Circumstances. We think you will agree that the end-product is of a high standard and has made the neighbourhood a much safer place. Remember, it is less than two years ago that parts of the ward were beneath two feet of flood water! Additional work in Woodland Road near the Dene is a separate matter to install a new gas main and that, too, is nearing completion.

Email received: Cragside Estates Remedial Works  

Subject Wall at the boundary of Cragside House/B6344 Rothbury

Dear Sir/Madam

Every day I travel from Rothbury along the B6344 to the Wansbeck Hospital where I work. I would just like to say that the wall your men are repairing is wonderful. You would never know it was a new wall, granted it is with the same stone but I am sure Lord Armstrong himself would be proud of it.Please pass my comments onto the men responsible and thank them for giving me real craftsmanship to look at when I am waiting at the traffic lights!


Letter received from resident in stokesly: Sowerby Crescent Sewerage

Dear Mr Small,

I am writing to thank you and your staff for the courteous and helpful way the work was carried out in the Stripe. In addition it is very much appreciated that no damage was done to the estate's grassed areas and flower beds; this was most impressive in view of the heavy equipment/transport that was required to operate in such a narrow road.

Yours sincerely,

Letter 1 Regarding: Long Benton Flood Relief

Dear Mr Short,

Currently we are under going major sewer replacement works on our estate. I would like to compliment you on the squad of men who recently worked in my street, they were friendly and very helpful in any requests I made about getting into one of my two drives In this day and age, customer service does not seem to stand for much and it was refreshing to come across a bunch of lads with a good attitude towards the public.

It would be nice if you could convey my compliments to your Forman on this job who could pass it on to his men who I am sure would like to know their efforts are appreciated.

Yours sincerely

Letter 2 Regarding: Long Benton Flood Relief

Northumbrian Water, CC : Highway Maintenance
PO Box 200, 16 The Silverlink North
DH 1 9WG

Dear Sirs,

I'm sure Northumbrian Water receives its share of complaints and moans from time to time, so I want to redress the balance by complimenting you and your contractors Seymour, on the job you did recently in upgrading the main sewer system in our street, Manor Drive, Benton.

We had become used to flooding whenever there was a downpour and the old drain couldn't cope. My neighbours and I, lobbied to get something done to fix the problem, but as usual, we doubted that funding would ever be found. So it was a very pleasant surprise to find that you had managed to approve this project, especially since we know that there are always too many projects and never enough budget to do them all.

Although pleased to see work starting, we were naturally concerned about the possible disturbance and mess in its execution. I must say that the project appeared to be very well planned and executed, much better than most others in my experience.

Materials storage was sorted, with good security, and initial work in Benton Road was carried out in short sections, with restoration being done immediately, before opening up the next section. As a result, traffic disturbance was minimal, bearing in mind what a busy road this is. Movement of plant in the Manor's streets was well managed, and we were particularly pleased to see the road cleaned at the end of each working day. This was all done during one of the worst Winters we have had in recent years.

You have now done a good job of restoring the road surface in the areas you excavated. The only let down is the state of the remaining roads in the Manor's, which I am told had their last major resurfacing in 1947, but that is now North Tyneside Council's responsibility.

Anyway, thank you for a job well done, and we are almost looking forward to the next big downpour to check that you really did couple up the new drain interceptor !

Well done and please pass on my congratulations to all those who contributed to this successful project !

Letter Regarding: Pierremont Flood Relief Scheme

Dear sir / madam

It could have been a very stressful time for me to have Seymour Construction working outside my house for so long, but I was to congratulate Seymours on having such an excellent team of me working for you, under the special leadership of Mr Dave Holloway and his deputy Richard, who I found to be very special people.

I admire these men for the hard work they do, for their superb courtesy and their kindness, caring and understanding of peoples needs. The example of these men echoed through the team.

I cannot speak too highly of them and I would like you to pass on my sincere thanks to all the team for all their efforts, on my behalf.

Yours sincerely,

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